The Fib Sem user group hosts an annual meeting to discuss electron and ion beam microscopy.




Visual Design + Web Develpment


Magdalena Fountoukidis

It's Not Rocket Science, Right?

This was a very exciting opportunity to work for the NIST FIB SEM user group to create a cohesive visual identity, and build out a site that would provide a platform for scientists to share information and discover collaborative opportunities. In order to better understand the design process itself, it’s crucial to wrap your head around the basic idea of what FIB SEM is. Simply put, it’s an emerging imaging approach in biology that allows scientists to peer into cells in 3D. FIB SEM microscopes use a focused ion beam to expose a surface that can then be cross-sectioned and reconstructed into a 3D modeled version of the object being studied.

Check out the site:


The Nitty Gritty

Distilling an incredibly complex process like FIB SEM into basic visuals has been a really compelling challenge. Honing in on a single step in the microscopic journey was crucial for creating an identity that compliments the process rather than distracting the user with unnecessarily cluttered design. The logo and the palette, that heavily relies on the varying opacities of the peach color, both hint at the process of 2D cross section layering. The crucial 3D aspect of the technology could not be omitted – this is where the custom cube texture and animation come into play. The overall design is meant to include simple yet graphic elements that give the whole identity a modern, innovative and techy feel.