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Static Res

Static Res is a DMV-born hip hop artist based in Columbus, Ohio who needed a new digital identity to be created just in time for the release of his third album. His love of street culture is now reflected in this new visual language and not just in his music. The new visuals will make eye-catching billboards as well as Spotify canvas videos, both of which will help him power up into the next step of his musical career. Check out the site:


Defining The Intention

To define the user experience, aesthetics, interactivity, and visual language of the project, I gathered data from over 300 prospective users to discover the most important questions that came to mind about Static Res and his web persona. The shortlisted top 3 questions were:

1. Do the visuals match his musical personality?

2. Is the website easy to access and can I quickly get what I want out of it?

3. Can the layout be easily changed when new visuals, assets, and music are available?

From a series of prototypes, I landed on a cover-page single web app architecture, each page dedicated to a specific aspect of the artist: music, contact, and visual moodbooard to get a feeling of what the artist’s aesthetic looks like. This single web app UI was put in place so that it could easily adapt to future scaling and asset changes as they were created.

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With regard to the site’s usability apart from the ease of use, the simplicity of the layout set up was crucial. I analyzed what the users considered to be the most important features and placed them in order of statistical importance: quick access to all social media & other musical platforms, albums & music video showcase, and CTA for upcoming shows. I was able to identify pain points and therefore streamline the amount of steps for an efficient user flow in both desktop and mobile platforms.


Visual Collateral

This new visual language gives Static Res' personality and musical talent a magnetic digital aura. Full of purposeful glitches, playful colors, and low contrast graphics, the new site is ready for anyone to get to know who Static Res is without meeting him in person. It gives each user a digital handshake with the man behind the music.


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